How much jewellery?

Costume Jewellery… My favourite part of dressing!

I’m actually addicted to buying costume jewellery.  I them as pieces of art that are the main feature of an outfit.

Lots and lots of jewellery! And this is just a quarter of it!

If you look closely you can see  a broken plastic wine glass from where my metal jewellery collection got too big for it’s fragile boots.

I rather liked that wine glass as well, it helped me through many night’s at Glastonbury

Most of my metal pieces are from Diva at Miss Selfridge, but I also gather the odd piece from River Island and Dorothy Perkins.

Plastic fantastic!

I’m also highly fond of big and heavy plastic jewellery, it’s more individual and highly unlikely you’ll find anyone else wearing the same piece!

My plastic pieces are from random places including charity shops, cheap pop up shops and even Sports Direct…. YES really!   I did manage to find a few in Dorothy Perkins, Next and Miss Selfridge though!

My collection has grown so much it’s scattered around my house: Dining table, computer table, dressing table,  hanging on a coat rack even…. or just any place it can rest until I find it a home.

I don’t think my obsession will stop any time soon!


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    Peggy Sinclair September 21, 2011

    I also have a passion for costume Jewellery it is Vintage Costume Jewellery . I have been collecting costume Jewellery for years and am still collecting I have now turned my passion into a business and love it. I share pieces of my collection with customers some I keep and sell some. I find it very hard to part with alot of pieces.I love the hunt for jewellery because most pieces are one of a kind ,that is the exciting part for me . You never know what you will come accross in your HUNT.I have a website and will be adding alot more pieces in the next couple of months . I am having a great time with it. Some of the vintage Jewellery is simular to the trend now becoming more and more popular . I can see as time goes on vintage will be the most popular in Jewellery. Have a Great Day!!!

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      italkandtype September 28, 2011

      Oh hey sweetie, I’m so sorry for my delay in getting back to you. Thanks so much for commenting. I never thought anyone would stumble on my blog! So you gave me a fright! Where do you tend to find your pieces? random sports or do you hunt for them? I think I should try some vintage haunts but it’s getting so expensive now, and I like random obscure pieces, not the obvious ‘oh thats so vintage’ types. xoxo

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