Vaseline goes Barbie!


Vaseline Lips special tin

I got given this tin as a gift as I love pink and it reminds me of Barbie!

Vaseline tin 4 pack contents

I switched from Original to Rosy Lips as I love pink!  So I was well chuffed when I got this set!  Rosy Lips actually works really well as it gives your lips a slight tinge that comes across as natural.   It’s also a great foot cream during a sunny day in sandals.  It gives your skin a little more shine!

Vaseline tin, reverse view

I’m not a fan of the Aloe Vera one, as it caused irritation to my skin.  I look forward to trying the Cocoa Butter version, especially in the run up to winter!  Once they run out I think I’ll use the tin to keep hold of more jewellery, like rings!

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