The high street removes Tall

I recently took an overdue trip to Oxford Street on the lookout for Tall clothing, as my local is high street is limited.  What I found was startling…

Bye... bye...

I popped into Dorothy Perkins by Oxford Circus station and was told they no longer stock the range in store.  So I hotfooted it down to the one by Bond St station, only to find out the range is no longer available in any store. Gutted!

I then tried New Look at 203-207 Oxford Street where I was told the range had been replaced by lingerie.  Lingerie???  REALLY?!

I later made my way to the Moorgate branch only to find the store closed for a refurb… Brilliant!

Moral of the Story:  Both New Look stores and all three Dorothy Perkin’s stores on one of London’s busiest shopping streets no longer stock the Tall range.  Why???

New Look and Dorothy Perkins Tall

Dorothy Perkins decided to move the range online, much like Next, however the selection is the bare minimum and not regularly updated, so I can’t see it lasting at all.  A shame really as I used to get loads of trousers and jeans from there.

It’s really not good enough to only put ranges online these days.  It’s one thing to have certain collections as ‘online only’, but the bare basic ranges disappearing from shops is outright exclusion.  Also many retailers stock the shops before online, which sucks for anyone that’s Tall, Petite, 16+, e.t.c.

I remember attending a Tall feedback event at DP in 2009 and I’m in shock that the people that attended would ever tell them to give up the range.  Ask any retail assistant about the most common questions, and they’ll all tell you that people always come in and ask about Tall clothes!  The demand is there!

Mind you… It’s funny how shops that offer Petite, stock it in every shop no matter what… hmm…

So if you’re Tall, you’ve pretty much just become that little bit shorter…

Pics: Facebook and Plus Size Tall

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