Lush gets raided over Xmas!

The most important sale for me over the holidays was Lush.  I first tried them a year ago after buying a Buttercup set in the sale, and I’ve been so hooked ever since that I bought this lot half price in the Boxing day sale…

Lush 2011 Boxing day saleI walked into the Croydon store and asked what was on sale and was directed to the sale wall.  Unfortunately it was full of the proper Xmas tins that I’m not keen on.  I’ve not tried them but the scents and combos don’t appeal to me.

Lush 2011 Boxing day sale

Totally gutted, I  looked at the other gift wall but was told it was all ‘after october’ dates. Beyond upset I decided to look anyway and to my surprise I found all of these boxes that had Aug/Sept dates on.


So I grabbed and grabbed and grabbed!  Everyone was looking at me as if I was a nutter!  As I cleared the wall they soon realised the mix up but by this time I had the lot and was onto the discounted Bûche de Noel… HA!

Lush 2011 Boxing day sale: Gingerbread House

Anyway my next stop was to the bubble bars where I wanted to try the Gingerbread house that I missed out on last year.  I fell for the look of it more than anything.  Looks gorgeous!

Lush 2011 Boxing day sale: Snow Fairy

My final stop was Snow Fairy, but I only managed to get 3 medium bottles, when I wanted large.  Apparently another fan raided the last stash about 5 minutes before me… RAGE! 

In total I got:

x3 Snow Fairy shower gels
x3 Buttercup
x2 Hello Gorgeous
x1 Bunty Pink
x1 Snow Fairy (gift)
x1 Ray of Sunshine (gift)
x1 You’re a Star
x1 Bûche de Noel
x1 Gingerbread House

All in all I spent £80!  I think I did brilliantly!  Should hopefully last me a year…

Lush 2011 Boxing day sale

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