MIU MIU creates fashion week bags!

I gotta say I do love a bit of Miu Miu!  Do I have any of their products?  NO.  But I can still dream…

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Anyhoo, to highlight AW12 fashion week, Miu Miu have designed a set of limited edition fashion week bags.  The best part is, each fashion week city will have their own selected designs! POW
Each bag comes with an exclusive ID card and a mini book showing the different bag variations available from the whole collection.

The bags go on sale in selected Miu Miu boutiques in New York, London, Milan and Paris once the fashion week calendar is all wrapped up!

For London, head to the Miu Miu store at 150 New Bond Street, W1S 2TU.

Anyone care to go to each fashion week capital and buy me all of them?

I thank you in advance.


Pics: Miu Miu

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