So last week I attended the F+F press day and also got my nails done by the infamous Illustrated Nail while I was there…

The Illustrated nail two tone colour

I’ll just start by saying she is: AH-MAY-ZING!

Sophie did my nails last year with a ladybug design, but this time I went all out and got a two colour blend.  But for added faboosh-ness I asked for the colours on each hand too, as I think it looks so much better that way!

She’s done so much since I last spoke to her.  Lots of events, in particular a recent nail art collection inspired by four designers including Mary Katrantzou and the nail art loving Meadham Kirchhoff!  !BOOM!

Oh yeah and the Nelly launch party last week…  What  a busy bee!

The Illustrated Nail: polish collection

And as well as doing M.I.A.’s nails she’s also done Santigold‘s tips.  I wonder what bling-age she went for…  Katy Perry still hasn’t called yet but one day this will happen!

Lots of nail treats are coming our way soon… maybe a nail wrap collection?? … Shhh!

Yeah, anyway jog on for the latest designs…

The Illustrated Nail SS12

What do you think?  I LOVE fruit myself!

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