I went a bit mad in LUSH…

I’m one of those people that tends to buy in bulk when it comes to LUSH, why bother buying one at a time?

Lush haulI like to use at least five soaps at the same time so I don’t get bored with the scents.  So after my mum showed me a v-logger (is that right?) discussing her latest haul from LUSH, I speedily went on a blowout for both myself and my mother.

Because of of the video I bought two of those bubbleroon thingy-ma-jiggy’s for my mother as she tends to mix and match her bubble crumbles.

Lush haul

I stocked up on my staple hand cream Handy Gurugu and my fave soap bar Porridge.  I’ve been rather intrigued with the ‘fruity’ soap Miranda ever since it came out, but the citrus ingredients always put me off as it ittitates my skin.

I managed to grab a sample but I wasn’t a fan!  I smelt nice but did nothing good or bad to my skin.

Lush haul: Miranda

Lush haul: Miranda

Miranda soap

I tried Aqua Mirablis before but it’s too ‘wooden bitsy’ for me even though it’s the most popular body butter.  I have to say I prefer it as an after bath moisturiser.  I think it’s ruined when used in the shower!

Anyway I bought myself the Buffy body butter and a tin as quite frankly… one is needed for these oily things, and OMG it’s the BEST THING EVER!  It has a slight lemon scent but it’s sooo moisturising!  Most people find it too fine but for me it’s perfect!  A new staple for me!

Lush haul: buffy

As another treat I got myself a Volcano foot mask but other than it heating and forming a hard clay on your foot… it actually doesn’t do much!  Plus you only get about two applications from a pot as it’s got to be applied as a thick.

For about £7 it’s not worth it in the long run!

Lush haul

Lush haul

Not even a patch on my £100 receipt…

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