New Year = NEW NAILS!

I needed to get back to my weekly polish as I’d not done it for over 6 months after I had a bad manicure!

Nails Inc. Ladbroke swatch

Nails Inc. Ladbroke

I’ve collected A LOT of polishes over the last year and I very rarely end up using them due to lack of time, so I decided to ring in the new year with a new polish… welcome Nails Inc. NEON!

I went online on Boxing day to check out their sale as I totally fell in love with their Summer Neon collection after I saw it on Fashionista Barbie‘s blog.

Unfortunately I never went to the press event but I drooled lots over FB’s write up about it.

Immediately I fell for the green and purple as they’re both shocking and perfect for me. Anyway I was glad to see both shades in the sale, alongside a minty green shade (Spring Mews) that I wanted. All at £5 each. BOOM!

Nails Inc. Ladbroke swatch

Fancy a bite?

Unfortunately I wasn’t happy when it arrived as it wasn’t anywhere near neon!  It’s a bold green but it’s not that acid style I was hoping.  After application I still wasn’t happy but it does suit me and apparently looks bright to other folks.

In the natural light it did look brighter but it’s defo not neon.  It’s 100% a Granny Smith apple colour.
Nails Inc. Ladbroke, Holland Park and Spring Mews nail polish

What do you think?

Currently on sale directly from Nails Inc. at £5 each… Spring Mews has sold out though.  I might go back for the neon orange (Westbourne Grove)… I think West London likes me!

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