Manicures aren’t always the best…

Part two of my trip last weekend was a spa treatment including a manicure…

OPI spring/summer 2012 Holland Kiss Me On The Tulips

I wasn’t too pleased with the manicure as spa people aren’t really trained to do them properly.  The spa treatment was EXCELLENT though!

Anyhoo’s a choice of 12 or so OPI shades were available and I immediately went for Minnie Mouse.  OK it’s not officially the Minnie one but it looks like it.  On applying the woman said how it looks ‘great against your skin’ (yeaaaah boo!).

It did look great and I actually need to buy it now.  But it didn’t last even a day before chipping!  I had to change by Wednesday and I never do that!

Anyway it’s from the OPI SS12 Holland collection and it’s called Kiss Me On The Tulips.

Bangin shade!


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    fashionforlunch January 13, 2013

    I love the collar!

    • Reply
      typeandtalk January 13, 2013

      its tres gorrrrrge! love the solidity of the shade too. Just gutted it wasn’t applied properly.

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