Me and LUSH are ON DIS TING!!!!

So my Lush obsession took a major turn on Boxing day

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012

So you all know how much I adore Lush right?  Well it was the only Boxing day sale I was actually leaving my house for this year, as all of the rest were done online.  Anyway this year was a bit different in that it was all about xmas bits rather than just regular sets sale.  I wasn’t too impressed as I’m not overly keen on the xmas bits.  Only a handful I like but I did manage to bag a a fair few boxes, two of which were gifts.

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012

I was walking through Croydon with 4 mahoosive Lush bags and people were looking at me like I was a NUTTER!  OK I am but still…

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012

I scooped 3 big’uns of Snow Fairy, just because.  I have no need for them as I still have 2 medium ones left from the last year, but I just wanted the big bottles.  I don’t like the new labels though.

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012 - gift sets

These two were gifts!

I also managed to blag 5 of the candy cones and the Buche de Noel cleanser.  I still have a pot from last year that I didn’t get to fully use due to all of the skincare reviews, so this year IT’S ON!

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012 - Buche de Noel


I think I was more successful last year as I got the regular boxes that lasted me the whole year!  I spent £200 this time, but I think I could’ve done better if I had the energy to run around stores!

Lush Boxing Day sale 2012
Lush Boxing Day sale 2012 - candy mountain bubble bar

Nothing comes between me and Lush.

I’m just sayin…

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