I’m Nailin it!

I finally got me a nail stand as my collection is going cray.  It holds up to 50 and I think I managed 53!

Nail polish collection Nail polish collection

Nail polish collection

Nail polish collection

Nail polish collection

As you can see LOOK Beauty are going toe-for-toe with 12 each. LOOK Beauty will win.

Unfortunately I still have a bag full to add…  stay tuned for two more stands.  LOL!


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    TheGreatZambini May 31, 2013

    Fifty is a big collection? Oh. I guess that means mine is closer to the ridiculous size. At last count, I had about 70… And I thought I was a bit low…

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      typeandtalk May 31, 2013

      No, I have triple this, hence why I said I was getting two more stands.

      • TheGreatZambini May 31, 2013

        That totally makes sense, then! It`s nice to have lots of nail polish. Do you sort by color, or something else? Or do you just skip sorting?

      • typeandtalk May 31, 2013

        Well I’m still undecided on sorting. ATM it’s just by brand with the highest number. Was going to do colour, but I don’t think i’d like the different heights of bottles and stuff. When I get the other two I’ll throw them all in and see what looks best!


      • TheGreatZambini June 1, 2013

        It is always so difficult to sort things when the whole point is that each bottle is different. I guess my artistic side beat my OCD side in my polish case, at least, because it is definitely sorted by color, and color intensity, and the glitters are separate from metallic are separate from plain colors… I guess it helps that most of the bottle are about the same height, if not the same shape, because I really only buy a few brands. Revlon is my favorite, though!

      • typeandtalk June 3, 2013

        Haha OCD I hear ya. That’s how I think its gonna pan out! Mine are all different sizes and I tend to pick the brand before the colour, as I remember how each one applies. So I have a bit of a mission on my hands! Mx

      • TheGreatZambini June 4, 2013

        I guess I don`t have to think of it as much, since like I said I really only use a few brands. There aren`t that many that have super good quality, pretty finishes, and cheap price that are sold in my favorite store, so I just use the few that fit the bill!

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