It was ALL about Lush!

The only Boxing day sale I cared for, woke up for and would die for was Lush!

Lush Boxing day sale

I was on a mission to get a hatbox, even if it killed me.  I didn’t care what the hell was in it or the size, although I did want the Lush Legends one…

The Croydon store wasn’t open until 11am so it gave me plenty of time to casually roll up wide awake.  I queued from 10.45 and staked out what I wanted through the window and also triple checked the sale items on ther website via my tablet.

Once the doors opened people were so calm and just happily picked up one thing.

Lush Ka-Pow hat box

OH NO, not me, I went crazy and dived for the biggest hatbox going and a few others, I even broke one, but it wasn’t even my fault man,  dodgy packaging.

I also wanted the new Rose Jam liquid as I knew it was limited edition and would disappear like Snow Fairy, but there was only one large bottle on the shelf and I really don’t have the time or patience to fiddle with the small or medium versions!

Lush Boxing day sale

When I was in the queue the staff were opening boxes to replenish and I saw a full box of large Rose Jam so I told her I wanted 10.  OK this is lies I only got two.

I stopped myself from getting anymore Buche De Noel as I still haven’t used last years one, and I still have about 20 Snow Fairy‘s from two years ago.

The whole of Croydon was giving me the side eye rolling down the street with a mahoosive hatbox but jealousy is rife these days!

I just wanted a hatbox…

Lush WOW hat box
Lush WOW hat box

Same time, next year!


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    Catherine Dream February 4, 2014

    How did I not find your blog before?!
    Such a variety of posts and I’m loving browsing through them! New subscriber : )

    • Reply
      Marina Nelson February 4, 2014

      How sweet are you! That has made me so happy. Thanks so much for the boost.

      • Catherine Dream February 4, 2014

        You’re very welcome, well deserved : )

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