Welcome to The Body Shop!

I finally got myself into gear and took the plunge with The Body Shop!

The Body Shop make up brushes, nail oil pen and clay mineral maskAs I’m getting into beauty bits now, I did as much research as possible on the best make-up brushes and The Body Shop came up as one of the best!  As I’m just starting out I didn’t want to spend a ton on brushes without knowing what was good or not.

To make it easier, they were offering £25 off a £50 spend so it was a no brainer!  I got a foundation, blusher and a face and body brush.  I also added a nail oil pen that I really wanted to try!

The Body Shop make up brushes

My order came just shy of £50 so I added their discount card to bring my total over and got a further 10% off.

As a bonus they give you a full sized freebie with certain orders so I was haps I got a clay mask as I’ve run out of all of mine!

The Body Shop is my new beauty haunt!

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