The one jumper I wanted for dear life was finally mine in the River Island Boxing day sale.
River Island Boxing day sale
Who knew my River Island haul would be so dark and grimey!  Hedi Slimane would be mad proud, and there was me not even a fan of his YSL show…


Brooklyn jumper – was £45, Now £20
What happened was… I wanted this  jumper since the AW13 press day and vowed to buy it once it was out.

Unfortunately it didn’t drop until November and by then I was like ‘might as well wait for the sale‘.  Anyway I didn’t even go to Oxford street until after Boxing day as I’ve done it before and never, ever again.

So I started with the new Marble Arch one, which I only recently found out existed (shame on the River island PR team for not telling me) anyway I walked in and just looked for a sequin sleeve in the black party section and BOOM there it was!

It was kind of hidden as there were lots of frilly and skimpy tops around it.  There was only an 8 or 16 left and I knew my fat loins wouldn’t fit in the 8 so I just prayed I’d be able to carry the 16 off.

It was only £20 scrilla, so even cheaper than the £25 I thought it would be!

River Island fur t-shirt

River Island fur t-shirt

Fur top – was £35, Now £12
I had to take it back as it had a five pence piece hole in the back of the neck!

river island cut out boots


river island cut out shoes

Cut out shoes – was £45, Now £20
This one was a myth as I bought the patent one on xmas eve in their £10 off boots promo, but then noticed after boxing day just the mock ones (the ones I orginally wanted) were reduced in the sale at just £20!  After running through Oxford Street and Croydon store the largest I could find was a 7.

I waited until they opened exchanges/returns and made another trip up town, and just like my jumper BOOM it was there, having only just been put out by the replenish staff.  Off to the till I went.  OK I’m a size 9 but some of their 8’s fit me, mainly the open toe stuff!

river island cut out boots

Cut out shoe-boots – was £45, Now £25
I got this just before xmas in the Bond Street store, I was on my way home and thought Id ‘just pop in’ and I saw them just dangling waiting for me to buy them!  Again a size 8 but they fit perfectly!

The Marble Arch store is now my second home.  Kerching!


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