Vintage Benefit shizzle!

I’ve had these three for longer than legally allowed…

Benefit Glamazon, Benetint, Hoola bronzing powderAs much as I’ve not used them in years, I’ve never been able to part with any, hoping one day I’ll use them as the Benefit Gods intended.

Remember Glamazon?  Not sure if Benefit still do it but I really love the old style bottle.

Benefit GlamazonI notice the lid of Hoola no longer comes as mine is the the removable one. I don’t like the new one.

Benefit Hoola bronzing powder

Benefit Hoola bronzing powderOh and I’ve used Benetint a few times.  I’m glad it’s still one of the best ever sellers.  I tried Lollitint the other day and I just might get it, it looks way different to how you think it looks!

Benefit Benetint

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