My New Avon hot picks!

My love for Avon is growing by the month!

AVON SS14 beauty essentialsI saw these brushes on the AVON beauty bus back in the summer but they weren’t being released until this year.  It was the two tone look that I really love.

Avon eyeshadow and foundation brush

Avon two-tone brushes – from £2.50
When I first got started on cosmetics I got my brushes from The Body Shop as everyone was saying they were the best high street ones, but I still wanted these ones!  I managed to get a couple but I need to get the full collection ‘just because’, even though I don’t need them.

Just so you know the eyeshadow one is double ended with a smudger!  Value for money!
Avon eyeshadow and foundation brush

They are so so soft!  My mum recommended Avon brushes as the best cheaper alternative, and to be frank no-one really rates MAC as the best when it comes to brushes.

Avon gel finish nail polish

Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel – coming soon!
Has anyone ever tried Avon nail polish?  I haven’t.  I’ve tried shellac, but I get bored after colours after a few days so I can’t be holding on for two weeks!

I’ve come across a few Nails Inc gel ones but as I don’t like them I wasn’t going there.  I’ve never used Avon polishes before so I’m eager to try these ones!

Avon mega effects mascara

Mega Effects mascara (black or navy) – £10
Apparently every 10 seconds ones of these Mega Effects mascaras are sold.  Who knew Avon would be more popular than high brands when it comes to mascaras?  The SAW like contraption actually makes me eager to try it!  It looks so unusual!

Avon Kabuki brush

I’ve never tried a Kabuki brush before but I’m eager to once I know what the hell to do with it and how it differs from other powder brushes!

Avon Kabuki brush

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