My RANT at Bare Minerals

Just a note to Bare Minerals: If you INSIST on providing shades for Women of Colour, it might be an idea to actually stock it across your retailers…



Ever since I had my B.M colour match done in December, I’ve been trying to source my shade (Warm Dark) as they didn’t have it. I’ve tried all local stores from Boots and Debenhams to House of Fraser but to no avail, only in the Matte if I’m lucky.  

I’ve noticed the assistants are now referring you to their rival stores… so something must be up with the darker shades.  The darkest I was offered was Warm Tan… like not even a deep!!

I bet it’s conveniently widely available across their central and Westfield stores, but the cost and headache of heading up town, totally defeats the purpose for me.

bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation (minis)-02


Now I know they’re going to say I can buy it direct online, but I’m a loyalty card queen, where I can technically get it free, so ordering online without extra savings is out of the question for me. Everyone is telling me ‘it’s ‘really popular’.  Well bloody order some more then!!  

And to make matters worse, not one of them even had the sample pots of the darker shades to take away after the match, just light, medium and tan…  

They conveniently have the shade on their tester wheel though.  Hmm…

continues rant in sleep


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    jacquelyng56 March 6, 2014

    I know this doesn’t help much, but beauty bay offer their foundations for 7 pound cheaper than bm store.
    On a different note, you should contact them and tell them how unacceptable this is. I’m surprised they didn’t offer to order you one in. So irritating for you x

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      Marina Nelson March 6, 2014

      Oh I only discovered beauty bay last week when I was looking for aome U.D eyeliners. So thanks for the BM heads up.
      I have loyalty points everywhere so can get it free. it’s just DUMB of BM! Mx

      • jacquelyng56 March 6, 2014

        You should definitely write to them and complain about it. I mean every poster for them has some pasty skinned girl like me and a dark skinned girl. If they’re going to advertise it they should sell it readily in their shops. You must be so mad, I would be
        Beauty bay is one of my favourite websites. I love it. Xx

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