Dove DermaSeries skincare review

So remember my absolute Twitter love for the new DermaSeries from Dove?  Well here’s my review!

Unilever press day: Dove DermaSeries skincare collection
Let’s start with a wee summary:
Dove have introduced some pretty cool skincare products from extreme dryness, developed in conjunction with dermatologists.  (So they know what they’re talking about!) .

Dove DermaSeries body cleanser and body cream

They’ve also introduced a revolutionary new Two Tone under arm eraser for those that suffer from dark marks under their arms.  An absolute necessity for Afro Caribbean women where this is definitely a growing issue!

Unilever press day: Dove DermaSeries skincare collection

I haven’t review that yet as I have a hair bump at present so hold tight!

Here we go!!!

I’ve honestly NEVER used Dove skincare, bar their deodorant a million years ago, so this really was a whole new experience for moi!  As I have eczema, I’ve only really sworn by Oilatum products, but I thought I’d give an established and respected brand a chance.  You know how mums swear by Dove right?

Unilever press day: Dove DermaSeries skincare collection

  • Dove DermaSeries body cleanser
  • Dove DermaSeries body cleanser

Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser, £16 for 200ml
I wasn’t the biggest fan of this as it isn’t oily.  I’m used to oily smooth over body cleansers but this is a white cream that you just cream in, but once water touches, it doesn’t get all oily and luscious.

It just thinly coats your skin in its protective properties, that then rinses off leaving you with a slight taut-ness.  Not dry though.  when you towel off you’re not dry just coated.

Beware:  The cream comes out of a little hole at the head.  I totally didn’t notice this and screwed the whole thing off and was like ‘OH…’.  Also remember to click it back off or you’ll wake up to a creamy puddle on the shelf…

Pros: It’s fragrance free!  Literally there’s zero scent, like absolutely none!  Impressive.

Final verdict: 4/5
The lack of oilyness annoys me as I’m not used to the taut ‘feeling’.  As much as it’s a brilliant formula with its protective barrier, I prefer to ‘feel’ my skincare.  This almost makes me forget I’ve used it as there’s zero scent and it just runs off with water.  It moisturises, but you just can’t see it, so it’s probably just a psychological thing for me.

Unilever press day: Dove DermaSeries skincare collection

Dove DermaSeries body cream

Intense Repairing Body Cream, £16 for 200ml
This is like the second coming of Christ!
It’s the most amazing cream I’ve ever tried since Oilatum.  I actually never thought I’d find one that I could actually stop using it for.  It’s a pump action tube that lasted me two weeks.

I found I needed two pumps per leg and one per arm.  It’s light, fragrance free and also gives you a protective coating.  But unlike the wash, this one has a creamier texture and blends into your skin with a moisturising finish, where you’re totally covered and protected.

Cons: Only available in one size.  Dry skin needs industry sizes as you need to use more cream than most.  So I’d need two of these per month. Expensive.

Dove DermaSeries body cleanser and body cream

Hold tight while I review the rest of the range:

Ultra Caring Gentle Cleansing Bar, £8
Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser, £16
Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser, £14
Intense Repairing Body Cream, £16
Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment, £14

Dove True Tone underarm dark mark eraser, £20

All available Exclusively at Selfridges until mid-June till the masses get their hands on it!


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