Styling with the bejewelled Isme necklace

I decided to drop my first styling post using an amazing Isme necklace I got this week!

Isme Jewelled Collar Necklace, Little mistress sleeveless blouse, Warehouse printed trousers

How lush is this Isme necklace?  It’s actually a lot lighter than it looks.  I have a host of chunky embellished necklaces that are super heavy as they’re metal, but this one is bejewelled against two layers of black felt!  So it’s actually warm against a bare chest if it’s the height of summer!

Isme Jewelled Collar Necklace

Isme Jewelled Collar Necklace

I think the necklace would stand out better with a bright top but plainer trouser though, but I was desperate to get these Warehouse ones on as the sun came out!

Technicolour dream coat baby!

Isme Jewelled Collar Necklace

Jewelled Collar Necklace – £18 at Isme

P.S… Did you know Isme did TALL clothing?  Hold tight while I go inspect this.  I had no clue. Like seriously.

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