I LOVE Miss Selfridge’s jewellery!

I’ve always been a fan of Miss Selfridge’s Diva range, in fact, to me it’s the best high street jewellery collection that lasts YEARS!

Miss Selfridge Diva gold glitter necklace and pink cropped trousers

I have a stupid amount of Diva jewellery that I always get in the sale.  I get the mahoosive £20 odd pieces for less than a fiver every single season.  I always head there at the right moment and raid the rails!

Miss Selfridge Diva gold glitter necklace

I found this delicate glittery piece a while ago and it was the last one so obviously I was going to get it, and at just £3.50, I WON, I WON, I WON!  I think it’s one of those ‘peep from the collar’ types so it’s a mini flash of glam.

I also got a pair of cropped pink trousers for just £10, but I couldn’t picture them properly so I used it as the necklace background.  I love a bit of Barbie pink I do!

Miss Selfridge Diva gold glitter necklace

What do you think?



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