The limited edition palettes from B. at Superdrug!

Say hello to B.‘s new limited edition creative eye palettes exclusive to Superdrug!


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I’ve been desperate to blog these for two months now, but as they’re bout out till today, I had to hold off!

B. is making big movements with their cosmetics of late, just a few weeks ago they added Brown Beauty shades to their foundation range!

For Xmas there’s 4 new artistically designed beauty palettes for just £14.99 EACH!
The two Eye Essential palettes have with a neutral one for the day and a smoky one for the evening, each containing:

  • 3 eyeshadows
  • an eye primer
  • brow wax
  • brow powder
  • a full size B. mascara

The mascara alone is £9.99 so at £14.99 per palette, it really is a BARGAIN!

B. Creative Art Palette Volume 1 AW14 Superdrug

B. Creative Art Palette Volume 2 AW14

The Colour Collection focuses on all over glam and contains:

  • 4 shadows
  • 2 lippies
  • A blusher or bronzer
  • A highlighter

Whether you’re into the eyes (like my mum) or a bit of both (like me), then all four of these palettes are great for everyday application, touching on the go, or even a weekend away where you want to pack as little as possible.

B. Creative Art Palette Volume 4 AW14

B. Creative Art Palette Volume 3 AW14

I mean I can’t really decide which one I like best as each design is so cool and different, but I’m totes loving the graphic artwork of the night time smokey eye palette, just for its intensity!

What do you think?


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