The not-so-good Scholl foot spa

Remember when Scholl was the be-all-and-end-all of foot care?  What happened?

Scholl pink pedicure foot spaI bought this in boots a while ago because, A, I needed a foot spa, B, it’s in a gorgeous shade of pink and C, I had a £5 off a £30 electrical spend coupon.  The only problem is, it’s CRAP.

Scholl pink pedicure foot spa

It’s super light and flimsy cheap plastic, but this is actually a good thing as lugging my mum’s one out every now and then is a chore in itself.  It also comes with a bunch of nail care accessories in the same pink shade, but none of any use to me.  However the actual foot spa doesn’t work as it claims.

I should’ve taken the hint, when the instructions said not to be used with oils and bath salts.  Well what am I supposed to soak my foot in?  plain water?  I used it with my Kneipp foot care salts and it didn’t die!

It claims to retain the water temp, but you’re lucky to get 5 minutes out of it! The bubble jet pumps out COLD AIR, meaning the water goes cold super quick.  It’s so cold you can feel it under your feet!

In short: Do not buy.  You’re better off getting a proper heavy duty one, even though they’re a pain in the jacksy to get out, use and clean.

I can’t even get a refund as I bought it in store.

Scholl pink pedicure foot spa

Scholl pink pedicure foot spa

Scholl pink pedicure foot spaScholl pink pedicure foot spa


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