The popular ZARA blogger coat!

I FINALLY got my hands on this leather sleeve camel coat from Zara!

Zara camel leather sleeve coat

I am a BEAST when it comes to Zara bargains!  However this one was via eBay and I managed to bag it for just £50!!!  When it’s usually sold for about £100 on there.  I backed the right horse this time!

I first spotted it a couple of years ago on someone on the train and had no clue it was Zara as I never stalk their stuff, it wasn’t until i searched for it online I discovered its cult status!

Zara camel leather sleeve coat

When it arrived at the weekend I wasn’t too impressed as it was wrapped in a plastic bag.  I never thought it was that thin, so I was a bit pissed!  Once I put it on I wasn’t overly keen as I thought it was a a thicker coat!  I wore it out straight away though as the temp had dipped and INSTANTLY fell in love.  It’s SO SO WARM!  I couldn’t understand why until my mum asked me if it’s wool.

Zara camel leather sleeve coat

And lo and behold, it’s 78% wool!  So it’s defo a ‘snug as a rug‘ winter coat no matter how much ‘leather sleeves are a trend’.  Screw that.  It’s a proper coat!

I don’t think it’s work more than the retail price of £85 so if you manage to bag it for under that you’ve grabbed a bargain!

I just need to find the grey one now.

Zara camel leather sleeve coat


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