My top 5 budget friendly beauty essentials!

I’m not one to dive straight in with luxury anything, so here’s my top 5 budget friendly beauty essentials!

Budget friendly beauty buys

The lower end stores are defo giving the premium brands a run for their money when it comes to skincare and make-up. Here’s some of my key picks readily available for small pounds rather than huge notes!

Caudalie self foaming cleaners

Caudalie foaming cleanser – from £6
I’ve always wanted to try Caudalie,  I don’t know why, but it’s always stuck me as a ‘signature/cult’ brand.  However according to my mum it’s ‘the basic beauty brand of Paris’.  The woman is so so rude!  Anyway she’s wrong.  This cleanser is AMAZING.  It pumps out foam instantly and you only need one pump for your whole face.

It’s ridiculously light, so probably best saved for warmer climates, but it’s travel friendly and smells like cucumber, so it’s REALLY fresh!  I got this in the Look Fantastic summer sale, where they had 20% off but it’s cheap anyway at just £6 for the 50ml version it’s as cheap as a burger and chips!

You can find Caudalie at Look Fantastic and selected items at Feel Unique.

Caudalie self foaming cleaners

Superdrug Vitamin E super balm – £3.99
Everyone is doing ‘all purpose’ balms but I’m very selective on the things I put on my face and as I used Superdrug’s Vitamin E range over a decade ago, I knew the 2014 version would be just as fab, but WOW this really is a super balm.

I’ve only tried it on my face and used it in the late summer and I never got any breakouts or clogged-ness.  In fact it boosted my skin like how Elemis FreshSkin does!  I use morning and night and it really sinks in.  It’s solid like crystals but blends once rubbed.  If only it came in a larger pot!  It’s basically the size of a lip balm, but has lasted me 6 months!

  • Superdrug Vitamin E superbalm
  • Superdrug Vitamin E superbalm
  • Superdrug Vitamin E superbalm

Avon ANEW wrinkle smoother – £12 on offer
Now stay with me on this one.  It’s called a wrinkle smoother which would totally put us young folks off, but it’s really just a skin smoother/make up base/oil blotter.  I used this daily in the summer when I was just wearing bronzer and I found it smoothed out my face and meant I had a more matte finish, from removing excess oil.

I have a normal face but in the summer we all sweat more so this was a godsend for me.  It is pricy at £18 full price but as Avon has offers all year round, so I doubt you’ll ever pay full price.  If you’re looking for an ‘all rounder’ face base, this one is defo worth a try!  It’s multi purpose so you wouldn’t use this as frequently as some of your other core make-up products.

  • Avon ANEW wrinkle smoother
  • Avon ANEW wrinkle smoother

Miners waterproof mascara – £3.49
This is my every day go-to mascara as it’s properly waterproof!  It comes off in clumps with make-up remover so none of that panda eye-ness you get with other ‘waterproof’ ones.  Plus this one glides on and looks au natural.

If you have naturally long lashes but just want a little extra oomph without looking like a scarecrow this is defo one for you!  Even my mum’s like ‘ooh this is a good one’.  I have their voluminising one too, but as much as it gives that little extra, I miss the safety net this waterproof one gives!

  • Miners Cosmetics waterproof mascara
  • Miners Cosmetics waterproof mascara

GOSH prime ‘n’ set – £9.99
B. was my go-to primer until I tried this one.  It really is the BEST primer ever.  I never thought I’d like a powder primer as powders tend to give that ghost glow, but this is transparent once applied!  It really changes the way foundation sits.

I find this one make it easier to blend thicker foundations, whereas it can cling and not blend as well with silicone liquid ones.  I haven’t used it as a setting as I find the base is tong enough.  If anything this gives a more flawless finish so that you look like you’re not wearing anything!

Tip 1: Test your ‘not quite right’ shades with this.  I guarantee you’ll see a difference! i.e., less wastage!

Tip 2: Keep an eye out for offers on GOSH at Superdrug!


GOSH Velvet Touch Prime'n Set Powder Transparent

What are your top budget beauty essentials?



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