The new Superdrug Micellar cleansing facial wipes!

Just spotted these new face wipes have arrived at Superdrug!

Micellar water is the beauty ‘go to’ make-up remover product of late so it was only a matter of time before we got an ‘on the go’ version!

Superdrug Micellar water wipes

Enter Superdrug.

Launched this week but I’ve tried a few stores and no avail, so maybe after Easter.
Bonus marks: Claims to be a dab hand at waterproof make-up… which we all know is a pain to remove with most products.  So let’s see…

Superdrug Micellar facial cleansing wipes – £1.29 for a pack of 25, and cheaper than the one in the vitamin E range!

I’m defo going to keep hunting!



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