Jeremy Scott x Adidas ORIGINALS

So Moschino’s main man, Jeremy Scott has just launched his first unisex fragrance with adidas ORIGINALS!

  • Jeremy Scott adidas ORIGINALS fragrance
  • Jeremy Scott adidas ORIGINALS fragrance
  • Jeremy Scott adidas ORIGINALS fragrance

Now I’m not really one for snazzy perfume bottles, I’m more into the fragrance but to be honest if the bottle ain’t right, I’m less likely to want to test it, but OH MY how dope is this adidas sneaker bottle?

Designed in the style of the Jeremy Scott Wings hi-top from the Originals collection, so in short is the must-have for the urban fashionista/or boy!

The dopest part of the whole thing is the trainer shell.  It’s clear, with the tinted fragrance showing the outline of the adidas’ iconic three-stripes, while the back wings are slightly frosted.  I mean who said only Red Bull gives you wings??  For the final BANG Jeremy Scott’s sig is emblazoned on the thick trainer sole for that extra high-kick!

Since it’s a unisex fragrance, expect a slightly more mannish scent with feminine freshness.  Mannish scents of incense, white pepper and cashmere wood, mixed with feminine spring rose and bergamot.

75ml EDT
Limited to 10,000 units
Packaged in a classic adidas trainer box
Exclusive to Selfridges
Launches April 9th

Jeremy Scott for Adidas ORIGINALS unisex fragrance – £75

Jeremy Scott adidas ORIGINALS fragrance


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