Mid-season sale buys at Debenhams

You know when you get paid and you find yourself ‘window shopping‘ the beauty department in Debenhams

Well… this is what happened…

Debenhams sale beauty department

I managed to get all of this lot for £58!

Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh 75ml

Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh – 75ml (in store only)
I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get MJ’s fragrances for xmas and my birthday.  I’ve only ever bought two inc this one when I find them in the sale, but this is my first 75ml one.  Not even opened it yet as I’m still on my Honey Bee and Daisy ones, then need to move into dot… and then Daisy sunshine…

Rituals shower foam

Rituals shower foams – £4.25
The whole shower foam range is on sale atm but not all of them are stickered in the bigger stores you have to look for the sign!  I got these three in-store as most of my online order was cancelled as they couldn’t find them/had sold out.  So I was glad to find these in store.  Never tried these three before as I’m a Hammam girl, but here’s a quick summary of each:

Yogi Flow – very girly, sweet and fruity
Organic rice milk & cherry blossom – lightly floral and carby (a bit of a weird one)
Samurai – One for the boys!  This is a proper male scent one, but as I’m a huge fan of the unisex Hammam, this is right up my street!

YSL beauty Chromatics palette 19

YSL Chromatics wet/dry palette in no.19 – £19.50
I saw this online, but by the time I came home to order it was gone, so when I got the last one in store, I knew it was meant to be!  Since I’m obsessed with YSL beauty, I’m collecting as much as possible.  I love a shimmer palette but the whole wet/dry is a new concept to me!  There are a few other palettes such as the five-colour ones, but they were a bit too colourful for me atm!

YSL beauty Chromatics palette 19

YSL beauty Chromatics palette 19

I’m the best when it comes to Debenhams sales!


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