More from the Vitamin E range at Superdrug and more…

I finally managed to get my hands on the Superdrug sell-out Vitamin E Micellar water, the blogger favourite Nivea one, and a little bit more!

Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar water and Nivea Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar water

I was just browsing Superdrug for absolutely nothing in particular and saw the Micellar water was back in stock so I grabbed it.  As there’s still buy one get one half price on the range I picked up the ‘leave on mask’ after the woman that did my Dermalogica skin mapping the week before recommended I use a long lasting mask to stop my facial dehydration.

Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar water

Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar water – £2.99 for 200ml
Superdrug Vitamin E leave on mask – £2.99 for 100ml

I haven’t used the Micellar water yet as I’m waiting for my dual phase one to run out!  I used the mask instantly though and it’s beyond fantastic.  Imeediately my face soaked it up within minutes.  The instructions say you can wipe off or just leave it on, but as my skin is dehydrated, its soaking it up.  I use it every night and rinse off in the morning before using the vitamin e super balm.


So far my forehead congestion has massively improved quicker than using the dual phase every night.  Due to the extra non-cloggy moisture my dry patches have disappeared!  I would defo recommend this one for slightly dry skin.  If you have full on dry skin, this may not be enough.

Nivea Sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar water

Nivea 3-in-1 sensitive Micellar water – £1.84/RRP £3.69 for 200ml at Boots

I got this for £2 last week in Boots after reading about it on Kaushal Beauty’s blog. I’m not sure if it’s a new product or just being pushed more now, but I hopped on the bandwagon to try it as boots have a ton of reviews, and to be honest I only got it as it was on sale.

It’s a sensitive 3-in-1 Micellar, which I hope doesn’t have any toner aspect otherwise it’ll strip my skin, but for £2, why not just try it.

What Micellar water do you recommend?


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