JUST LAUNCHED: Prismologie at Space NK

Let’s talk about Prismologie, the new body care range set in six colours of the rainbow!

Prismologie collection

I saw this preview a couple of weeks ago but as I was there sooooo late I didn’t get much in depth snaps, so I apologise as you know how snap happy I am!

Prismologie works on the premise of colour, personality and mood.  There’s six colour families to choose from with different products within each, so instead of picking a colour and using everything in that colour as you like the scent, the whole range has been curated so that you can’t.  You may like an item from the pink family but you won’t find the same item in the blue scent so you really have to mix-and-match.

Prismologie collection

Off the bat, shockingly the green family called at me, as I really like those earthy tones, but I found a body polish in the pink family that smelt slightly different to another rose item, then I liked something from the red and so it goes on…

White Beginning – calm, soft and subtle (honey floral and neroli infused)
Yellow Day – a fresh start to the day (citrus zest with bergamot)
Red Hour – for when you’re ready to Turn Up!! (warm bodied with cedar wood)
Green Epoch – for everyday freshness (grassy vetiver with sweet grapefruit)
Pink O’Clock – For the love of spring flowers (sensual rose)
Indigo Interlude – For the lover of incense (oud and warm amber)

Prismologie collection: White Beginning

Prismologie collection: Yellow Day

Prismologie collection: The Red Hour

Prismologie collection: Green Epoch

Prismologie collection: Pink O'Clock

Prismologie collection: Indigo Interlude

There’s so much to choose from across all colours, from shower gels, lotions, oils, body balms (THE ROSE ONE IS DIVINE!!!!) and scrubs.  There’s only a few bits at the moment, but I hope next seasons sees a colour-coded expansion!

Prismologie colour coded body care – exclusive to Space NK (instore and online)

Prices start at £30.


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