Luxottica AW15 press day

Sunglasses are SO MY THING now, but Luxottica‘s AW15 collection is absolutely DREAMY!


Luxottica are famous for the high end designer brand sunglasses, such as Prada, Miu Miu, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few, but there’s a new addition to the Mix… Enter Mr Michael Kors!

The press always go ditzy over the D&G styles, and post a million selfies in them, probably because they’re so expensive and so ornate, but surprise surprise, my fave of the season is without a doubt VERSACE!


Let’s take a look at some of the key brands styles!

It’s the glitter, the rounded frames, the softer shapes.  Versace is usually quite sharp, strong and angular, but they’ve finally softened their feminine styles!  Which litterbug colour?  I really can’t decide.  I would like them all.  I hope they’re under £200 though as I really want a pair!


Dolce & Gabbana
The much loved and over the top Italian designer house always bring a rich heritage story to their collections, whether it’s their mainline, accessories, or the settings for their shows.  They’re passionate about their heritage and want the world to know.

This seasons addition is the Spanish influence and inspiration for the main set of frames.  Other styles play with cubic shapes, and prints.  I actually think D&G’s frames are rather square so only suited to angular face shapes.



Michael Kors
This is a new addition to the Luxottica catalogue and if the the way the bags are fast selling these days the frames are not far behind.  Featuring grown folks animal skin the frames are more sexy and less ‘trendy’, for a chic wearable look.  They look super smart with rounded edges, proving versatile for all face shapes.  I hope the price point for these are lower too, because their bags really aren’t crazy expensive!


Miu Miu
This collection really was a step out of the ‘cute and girly’ Miu Miu realm.  It was sharp, to the point and stylish.  half rims, bright colours, circle shapes, square eyes and animal prints.  You name it, Miu Miu wasROCKING IT.  not sure how this would work on my face, i really would have to try them as some had the top missing where others were the bottom.  Either way they looked blooody amazing at the show!



Always a highlight, due to their ‘trench coat’ detailing!  Some of the styles have their signature  check print under the nose pads, while the arms have real leather straps for both style and comfort.  There is also a new folded pair for those action men on an adventure this summer.


And last but not least we have Ray-Ban, quite possibly the most popular sunglasses brand in the world as their styles suit, EVERY face shape, and are 100% unisex.  I don’t believe any style is strictly one gender or another.  But rolling on from the velvet frames we have Round, which is exactly what it says in the name.  The frames are ROUND, classic, vintage looking and available as sunglasses and spectacles.

The collection also has some more mirrored plastic styles, frosted colour toned frames and some really cool wooden frames (which I actually really like!)



Available from July at Sunglass Hut or David Clulow
I get first dibs on Versace though!


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