So Motions have repacked some of their afro hair products as they’re now stocked in Supedrug!

Motions daily hair moisturiser

A couple of months ago I found out my beloved Motions afro haircare range repackaged their stuff as I couldn’t find one of my staples!  Turns out the one I can’t find has been discontinued but as I only use it once a week, if that, so a tub lasts me a good two years.

Although a trip to Peckham is always a great source of discontinued stuff.

Motions daily hair moisturiser

Anyhoos, Motions is now stocked at Superdrug (v.v small selection), similar to when Boots took on Dark & Lovely.  I assume this is where the packaging change came in as I guess the original purple and sunshine yellow was a bit too harsh for the ‘mass market’.

I hope this doesn’t mean a change in the actual product but only time will tell.  So far theres only a few bits on Superdrug’s website but I’m unsure if it’s in any stores, or whether it’s central locations only.  Prices are steep at £4.49 vs £2.99 from an afro hair shop, so you’ll have to weigh up your own views on this, but it’s exactly what i expected as Boots did the same.

As great as it is Afro hair products are moving to everyday locations, the ranges and pricing still needs to be adjusted, as I for one would rather a longer trip for the cheaper priced product and more selection in a black hair shop, where I’m not limited.

Let’s just keep it real.

Motions daily hair moisturiser

By the way I didn’t get this hair cream in Superdrug, but it just reminded me the range is now stocked there!

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