Clarks shoes…. The Ugly-Pretty sandal

So I blagged a good six or so new shoes in the Clarks sale across like a month of running around, and here’s part two: the Zena Mae chunky sandal!

Clarks Zena Mae Sandals

Clarks Zena Mae sandals – £30*

This actually isn’t even my first batch, this came later as these were put on sale about a month after the sale started.  CUE me running between stores desperate for the pink one in an 8.  Yes I know I’m a size 9 but I can get away with size 8 sandals if they’re opened toed and an EU 42.


Anyway, I found these pink ones a day after the store claimed they’d sold out so I don’t know they they were found somewhere in the chaotic stock room or were a customer return as there was a leather bend on one of them but I didn’t care.  It was the most popular colour out of the 6 or so available so I just had to get it.  I wanted the animal print ones too but as it was also popular they were only available up to a 5.

I decided to get the black for work or ‘I don’t care days’ and reserve my pink ones for the weekend or evenings.

Clarks Zena Mae Sandals: pink

Expensive at £60 but I wasted them when they first came out but the price is just too much for me, even if it is Clarks.  But at half price with an added press discount it was a no brainer!

If you’re hunting for these try eBay and Amazon and don’t forget Clarks have an outlet shop on eBay where they flog all left over sale stock once the stores have finished the sale.

  • Clarks Zena Mae Sandals: pink
  • Clarks Zena Mae Sandals: pink
  • Clarks Zena Mae Sandals: Black

Stay tuned for part 3, 4, 5…

*PR discount on both pairs


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