11 days until Christmas: the Liberty London print card holder

Who knew Liberty London‘s iconic prints were this bright?

pink Liberty London Card holder

I literally saw this like last Friday.  I’m a bit LIBERTY mad now since I’ve actually purchased something from them (the beauty Advent Calendar for me ma), but I finally got the raspberry pink card holder from Michael Kors the other say so I’m a bit card holder mad atm!!

This one is a, Liberty printed, but ALSO deliciously bright (easy to find in your bag) and fucking acid coloured!!!!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE cid brights so this is right up my street, even though it’s more than double the cost of my Kors ones (it was on a promo).

I have to get it, but I don’t even need it, but hey-ho.

Pink Liberty London card holder – £55 at Liberty


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