10 days until Christmas: Crystals at Butler & Wilson

If you’re ever in need of a unique piece of vintage style jewellery, you know Butler & Wilson is the place to go!

Butler & Wilson Crystal fly & pearl brooch

I have a few B&W jewels from when they were stocked at QVC, but having checked them out recently, this snazzy crystallised brooch caught my eye.

Jewellery is pretty hard to get right as a gift and the littlest thing can make it not perfect for the receiver, so this is where a brooch comes in.  Everyone can appreciate a brooch, as it’s so versatile.  You can wear it on your blouse, your jacket and even your bag…
A bit like how the bag charms have kicked off!  Yes I do have a Kors one…

With a pearlised bug head, this is the kind of fly you want to stick around!

Crystal fly & pearl brooch – £34 at Butler & Wilson


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