In Benefit we trust Hoola!!

As soon as I spotted this new make-up brush from Benefit, I had to delve even further into the new Hoola collection hitting the shops in March 2016!

Benefit Hoola spring 2016 collection

I’m not the biggest Benefit fan, in fact I only use their CORE products: Bad Gal, Hoola, Dr Feel Good, yes I still sob a decade later they discontinued Smoooch.  But whatevs, take a look at the new Hoola generation.

Hoola bronzing and contouring brush – Launching 12th March
I don’t NEED this brush, as a, I don’t contour and B, I have brushes, but this bamboo handle and dipdye brush head is just screemaing for my ass to buy it, and I will, no doubt.

Benefit Hoola brush

Hoola zero tan lines body bronzer – Launching 12th March
I’m quite intrigued with this as if you suffer from patchy/mis-matched skin shading during the summer this sponge applicator bronzer could work.  The packaging is again mega lushhhhh!

Benefit Hoola zero tan lines bronzer

Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer – Launching 12th March
I can’t wait for this as I’ve only ever used Hoola as full face in summer but I kinds of want to switch to liquid face now as it’s less likely to patch as the day goes on.  The golden packaging is just phenomenal and it’s mega compact!

Benefit dew the hoola liquid bronzer

Cheekathon – Launching 1st March
I have been waiting sooooooo long for this box’o’powders compact!  I have a full size Hoola and a travel size Rockateur but I’ve always wanted a pack with all of them in.  Dandelion isn’t for dark skin and coral or me is hit n miss, but I’m glad they’ve finally put them all together! FYI they’re ALL full size.

Benefit Cheek-a-thon

Browse the Benefit Hoola collection here

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