Rewind 2015: Food & Drink in Ibiza

I ate A TON in Ibiza last year, but as always not all of it was good.  But more shockingly my fave meal from the Ibiza Rocks bar I somehow forgot to take a picture of (a chicken kebab style wrap) and I had it more than once!  sooooo gutted.  Maybe this year I’ll remember!

Here’s my guide to some of Ibiza’s restaurants and their food:



Cafe Bondi – West end
As far as I’m aware this is relatively new to the west end, but it’s the purest food you’re gonna get in the grim west end.  It’s surprisingly popular since their prices are a lot higher than the fast food places, like €15 for a prawn salad, €7 for water with fruits in and €9 for a milkshake.  But as they make it all fresh and use organic and clean natural products you don’t mind the cost and the extra wait.

It was a refreshing change to the food on the Island though.  I’d defo go back.

Ibiza 2015 food: Cafe Bondi

Ibiza 2015 food: Cafe Bondi

I didn’t like the protein shake at all as it was too much and thick, since I don’t like creamy shit.  Clearly good and popular though as they had run out of everything.  it seems like every morning people roll out after a night put getting pissed and bag one of these to wake up and get back to normal.

Ibiza 2015 food: Cafe Bondi

Kasbah – near San Remo
I didn’t rate this at all, all because of the fake guacamole.  I seriously can’t handle that shit.  HUGE portions mind.  I really wasn’t expecting suck a fucking mahoosive sandwich.  I struggled to flush down the pumped full of alcohol slush cocktail.  It was nice thought.  But I’d never go back just on the avocado basis.



Ibiza Rocks bar – Middle of the beach strip
This was by far my face place to go and eat!  I was there every day bumming their free wifi, and always stopped by either for a snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner or night cocktails.  You really can’t hit San An without sampling their amazing menu!  And the serve is beyond fast.



Rita’s Cantina – after the west end but before the sunset strip
This is a popular mexican haunt, but I was a bit deflated with the offering.  It didn’t seen authentic to me and the portions were tiny.  Almost like a tapas kind of place.  i was ridiculously cheap though.  I was shocked my meal only came to €13.


Other foodie bits n bobs from around San An:



€5 from the many sellers walking up and down the beaches. Beyond refreshing!


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