Clarks: “Hey Stewie, it’s Griffin Maddy!”

My love for Clarks knows no bounds: enter my double dose of the Griffin Maddy shoes.

Clarks Griffin Maddy shoes blue & yellow

I bought these quite some time ago in the summer 2015 sale, but I LIVE in the blue pair as I got the yellow one not realising they were wide fitting.  I literally just see size 9 and buy them without checking and trying them on!

Anyhoo’s when I went to Milan last October I purposely brought the yellow ones with me and to be honest there’s not much difference in fit, since I have to wear othotics anyway.

  • Clarks Griffin Maddy shoes yellow
  • Clarks Griffin Maddy shoes blue

They’re perforated nubuck leather (similar to suede) with a rubber sole, so they’re perfect for just popping on and wearing on weekends and days off since they keep your feet cool!

I can’t wear slip on shoes so I really needed a pair that were laced, real leather and soft.  Another reason why Clarks shoes is so amazing.  They were originally £50 but I got them for £17.50*

There’s a few new variations in the GRIFFIN range that I need to get, so roll on the next sale!

Clarks Griffin Maddy shoes blue & yellow


*PR discount

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