The BEST ever: GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration

The GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration primer is easily the best foundation primer ever created on the planet.
Even more amazeballs is that it’s from the high street.

GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration 003

I discovered this primer at the GOSH SS15 press day and it took me ages to try it as I was still using Natio at the time, which I thought was the holy grain as it only £10 for 50ml.  However once I tried this, my whole face and skin texture changed for the better.

It somehow has this amazing shield where it’s phenomenal throughout the winter.  it protects the skin from not only foundation but the effects of the weather and pollution, while ensuring your skin is fully hydrated.

Like how silicone primers just sit on the skin like vaseline (bad), this cream actually sinks into your skin while also protecting above.  The result is a more plump face, like you’ve had a good source of vitamin D, AKA the sun!

When this ran out, I started to work my way through some Benefit samples and a few DHC ones I had and the effects on my skin weren’t for the best!  I have normal skin but prone to dry patches during the winter, so I have to make sure I add more nourishment to my skincare.

Tried and somewhat failed:
Benefit That Gal – the worst of the lot, simply a pink toned cream primer that just looks like a clown mask on dark skin.  Threw it after 2 uses.
Benefit PoreProfessional – a half silicone style primer that comes across as quite flat and matte on the skin.  You also have to use a lot to cover your face.
DHC Velvet coat – Quite a good one.  A similar texture to PoreProfessional but more nourishing.  Just not as much as I’d like.
DHC Pore coat – eventually this cream version of the velvet coat started to get dry on me.  I think I needed more to get full coverage.

GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration 003

I was going to had back to Natio as LookFantastic always have 20% off, but once Superdrug dropped 3-4-2 I snapped up the GOSH one as it works out at £9 each.  RRP is £14.49, but I think £10 is more appropriate, since it’s only 30ml.

Within a day of going back to this my skin was more plump, and that dryness I was experiencing disappeared.  My foundation was blending easier and there was no more random patches I’d spy at lunchtime after spending time in the park.

In short this is a white cream primer that’s a little bit thicker than your moisturiser and you need a 5p size for a full face.  leave on for for a couple minutes after moisturising and apply foundation as normal and voila.  Trust me at the end of the day your face will look the same as when you applied it at 9am!

I’ve even had compliments since moving back to this.

There is a new brightening one for SS16 in pink packaging, but I’ve not tried it as it’s pink toned so I’m not sure of it’s suitable for golden undertones.

GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration 003

 GOSH Primer Plus + Hydration 003 – £14.49 (currently on 3-4-2 offer at Superdrug)

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