My love for the M&S blouse!

You all already know how obsessed I am with M&S, so here’s some of the most recent blouses I’ve bought in the sales.

Marks & Spencer blouse

I’ve bought quite a bit from the M&S sales recently, in fact I tend to pop in store every single day of the sale, as I always find something.  Even on my Easter trip to Wolves, I spent a good £70 in there, including a ful price pair of jeggins as I somehow forgot to pack spare trousers.  I never really plan to buy anything in particular, I just ALWAYS find the best pieces!  And it’s always something totally left field.  I’ve blagged summer dresses for my hols, casual bomber jackets for the weekend and more importantly fashionable tops for work, where people always compliment ‘oh I love your top’

The secret?  Buy your work and holiday shizzle from M&S!!!  IT REALLY IS AN AMAZING SHOP!

The Limited Edition striped blouse
I got this one first at the start of the sales.  But I haven’t worn it yet as it’s too nice to ruin with my lunch.  It’s beyond gorge though.

Marks & Spencer Limited Edition blouse

The horse print blouse
I got this one just before christmas but it’s a bit big so will work better in the summer tucked into skirts.  They had another colour, I can’t remember which, but I never managed to get it.  Unfortunately Erica in Corrie was wearing this and it TOTALLY PUT ME OFF wearing it.  Imagine.  Kim Tate wearing your garms.  NOT A GOOD LOOK.

Marks & Spencer Collection blouse

The geometric blouse
This one i wear the most as it goes with everything.  It kind of shrunk somehow though.  It does have that slight crimpled effect mind.  I’m a bit navy obsessed to be honest.  So this is my ‘go-to’ blouse when I’ve not thought about what to wear.

Marks & Spencer Collection blouse

The prim and proper blouse
I wore this for the first time last week and got a gazillion compliments.  I only paid about £10 for it, but I think the neck bow make you look super smart.  Which is hilarious in my case as I’ SOOOO NOT a Canary Wharf smartie.

Marks & Spencer Limited Edition blouse

Sorry it’s crushed!

Take my Autograph blouse
My first ever Autograph purchase and I’m blown away by this blouse.  It’s so different to the rest.  Slightly more silky sheer with a more tailored fit.  I had to go up a size as Autograph and Limited are cut smaller, but I generally do due to the chest area fastening, but this blouse is defo a treasure regardless.  I paid about £26 so more than the others, but I felt it was worth it for a wardrobe staple.

Marks & Spencer Autograpgh blouse

Loveth the M&S!


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