My New Clarks Hamble Oaks

I think you all know my crazy obsession with the Clarks Hamble Oak model.  I swear a different one every sincgle day to work and tthe two I wore to death I’ve now replaced courtesy of the Clarks mid-season sale!

Clarks Hamble Oak: Peach Combi & Navy

I was en route to my contact lens check up and was a lil early so popped into Clarks toc heck out the mid-season sale, and I spied the two I was looking at online in store and in a size 9.  BOOM-SOLD at £30 each!*

I have the leather version of the peach one already but this one is part suede upper so more softer on the eye and a bit better for summer.  The navy animal print one I’m not overly crazy over, as I have a suede navy one that doesn’t really suit me.  But who know’s I may grown to love this one.  All I know is my feet are going to look bless this week.

Clarks Hamble Oak: Peach Combi

Clarks Hamble Oak: Peach Combi – £40

Clarks Hamble Oak: Navy

Clarks Hamble Oak: Navy – £40

*PR discount


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