My new headphones!

I am obsessed with these headphones from Tiger, even more so now I have the new multi-coloured ones!

TIGER multi-coloured headphones

This is legit my third or fourth pair.  Not cos they’re rubbish but because I accidentally break them somehow.  Like how my friend always sits on her phone.  I always lose my umbrellas and break my headphones.  And I seriously don’t know how.
Anyhoos I always get them in fuschia pink, and went for my replacement last week before my weekend away and spied this new multi-coloured version just screaming at me!!!

TIGER multi-coloured headphones


The core colours are pink, blue, purple and aqua green.  Occasionally you’ll find seasonal ones like metallics, studs, and this multi one!  My mum broke my gold spikes one though!

They’re only £8, super snug, great base, and has a high inline volume control so you can practically have sound isolation!

A must buy for Spotify at home!

TIGER multi-coloured headphones

Tiger headphones – £8 in store only.


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