I found some more Happy Socks!

So I was heading to buy a new thermal mug for work from a famous discount store and decided to stop by the menswear floor ‘just to check’ if they had any more Happy Socks and well… I ended up with 9 more…

Happy Socks 3-pack

I am obsessed with Happy Socks.  They are funky, Swedish (so well made), wash well and hold their shape, size and colour, and they come in super large sizes for men.  Being a size 9, these really are the perfect casual socks for me.

I got my first batch around xmas but found they’ve not had any in store since so assumed it was a one off.  OH MY how glad I was to find more 3-packs.  Unfortunately I’ve doubled up on a couple I already have but as I wanted the other two I didn’t care.

A bit hard to find on the socks wall but WELL WORTH IT once you do find them!

I have about 20 now!

Happy Socks 3-pack

Happy Socks 3-pack

Happy Socks 3-pack

Happy Socks 3-pack EU 41-46 – £7.99 from a discount store.


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