Superdrug’s Health & Beauty card turns 5!

My best make-up buys from the Superdrug Health & Beauty card members only birthday offers bonanza.

Superdrug Members only offers

Who knew Superdrug’s Beauty (now Health & Beauty) card was 5 years old?  I got a 4 year bonus last month and had no idea I’d had it for so long.

Anyhow now the card sceheme is now 5 years old, Superdrug set me a challenge* to pick my best buys from the range of members only offers with a set budget of £40.  I actually ailed.  but only by 90p and here’s why…

Superdrug Members only offers

Thankfully I did this whole shizzle online otherwise I would’ve gone wayyyy over and I went over doube online anyway and had to keep editing to get it as close to £40.  I got make-up bits that are new, brand recommended or stuff I’ve always wanted to try!

I managed to secure:
Revlon Coloburst matte balm stain in Elusive & Showy – £7.99 each
Real Techniques brush cleansing palette – £12.99
Eco-Tools stippling brush – £7.99
Sleek candy tinted lip balm in Tutti Fruity – £6.49
Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara – £9.99

Superdrug Members only offers

My absolute fave and one I never even knew existed is the brush cleaning palette from Real Techniques.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?  It’s £12.99 but card members get 10%off and it’s also part of the 342 so double bonus if RT is your make-up friend.  I seriously cannot wait to use it and free up my hands as I seriously hate washing my brushes.

  • Real Techniques brush cleansing palette
  • Real Techniques brush cleansing palette
  • Real Techniques brush cleansing palette

Real Techniques – 10% off for members + 342

Next up is the new colour coded mascara types from Revlon.  I think here’s 4/5 different types and easy to pick and understand.  Definition always works for me as my lashes are naturally long.  I was tempted to go for the extra black one, but after trying this formula from YSL I have to dip out of this style from anywhere.  FAR TOO STUBBORN TO REMOVE.  Anyhoo’s I’m hoping this Revlon one is bless, because it has the tiniest brush ever!  It’s £9.99, but again 10% off for members and Revlon has 342, so there’s more than a ton of shizzle to choose from!

Revlon Dramatic Definition mascara

Revlon – 10% off for members + 342

Thirdly I looked into Eco-Tools and SO MANY people recommend their brushes.  I’ve settled on a foundation and blusher one so decided on the stippling one for my new Clinique Chubby in the Nude mascara as it’s a dupe for Clinique’s buff brush.  Never used a stipling brush before so I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection.

  • Eco-Tools stippling brush
  • Eco-Tools stippling brush

Eco-Tools – 10% off for members + 342

Sleek was my next stop with their new tinted lip balm in tutti Fruity.  I knew this was the one to go for as I love a pink sheen on my lips.  It really does have a candy bubble gum flavour from back in the nineties!  It’s shaped like a posh lipstick and is more expensive than their lipsticks, but I’m obsessed with it already and it’s pretty nourishing, considering I have such parched lips.  Better over lip balm though for a longer lasting finish.

  • Sleek candy tinted lip balm in Tutti Fruity
  • Sleek candy tinted lip balm in Tutti Fruity

Sleek – 10% off for members

Those Revlon matte lip balms have been on my hitlist ever since they came out.  Unfortunately retailers never did the full ranges in store or they were sold out and as they were always on 342 I was always missing out on one.  Anyhoos I finally got a couple in this challenge but I the nude one I picked (elusive) isn’t right for darker skin :(.  The more fuschia Showy one isn’t too bad if used lightly.  I want the purple one though which is a cow to find!  Again all of these are 10% off and 342 so cash in folks!

Revlon Coloburst matte balm stain in Elusive & Showy

Revlon – 10% off for members + 342

Other make-up brands with member deals:
Miss Sporty
Sally Hansen
And many more, including skincare, vitamins and beauty electricals.

The secret?  Look for the brands offering more than one discount as they all work together!

All member only deals on offer until 31st May 2016.


*PR challenge + credit

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