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So I tried the new Totally Beachin’ hair conditioner…

So here’s the thing… I ran out of my Brown Beauty hair conditioner JUST as I was about to wash my hair… so all I had to hand was a sample of the TIGI Bed Head Totally Beachin’ shampoo and conditioner that I had zero intention of using…

Tigi Bed Head Totally Beachin

SPOTLIGHT ON: The Sunkissed bronzing body brush

I saw this Sunkissed brush advertised ages ago, then saw it again at their recent press day, and I just had to have it!

Sunkissed Body bronzing brush

Stay Sunkissed this summer!

Everytime I see brown make-up I go all giddy inside! And there was me thinking Sunkissed was all about self-tanning!

Sunkissed Smokey palette & Bronzer,  Sunkissed Giant Bronzer in Dark Bronze,  Sunkissed Dusting Brush

Avon will CC you now.

As much as I love Avon, I didn’t think their new CC cream would be any good as it only comes in 6 shades of nude, so not really Brown Beauty friendly… but…

Avon Ideal Flawless Colour Corrector cream SPF 50 Nutmeg foundation

My Brown Beauty hair kit

My afro hair products change every few years since formulas constantly change, (Yes Dark & Lovely I’m looking at YOU), or the company removes itself from the UK, Art Effex.

Afro hair products

Remember when Sleek was for Brown Beauty?

Throwback to 1996, when Sleek was the only make-up brand you’d find in afro hair shops.

Fast forward to 2014 and Sleek is now available for the masses, but is it any cop?

Sleek make up counter at an afro hair shop


Benefit dabbles with Brown Beauty!

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