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I’ve been forced to change my purse…

OK, so the other week I lost my purse…

Pauls Boutique Pink/Purple Patent Lizzie Purse

Clarks: down with the oxblood

I’m obsessed with Clarks and their Hamble Oak shoe range.  In fact I have about 6 pairs and will just keep buying them until the end of time.

Clarks Hamble Oak oxblood brogues

eBay buy: Retro M&S Limited Collection dress

I seriously seriously love M&S so much I bought this Limited Collection dress twice!

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection geometric dress

The popular ZARA blogger coat!

I FINALLY got my hands on this leather sleeve camel coat from Zara!

Zara camel leather sleeve coat

THAT M&S coat…

So yeah… I finally got that infamous M&S pink duster coat!

Avon is Pretty in Neutrals!

I wanted this Avon palette for the longest time!  And I finally got it via eBay!

Avon Diamond Sparkle Pretty in Neutrals palette

Today’s shoes: The Topshop Ark

These take over 30 minutes to get on!
Topshop ARK tan leather clog boots

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