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So I tried the new Totally Beachin’ hair conditioner…

So here’s the thing… I ran out of my Brown Beauty hair conditioner JUST as I was about to wash my hair… so all I had to hand was a sample of the TIGI Bed Head Totally Beachin’ shampoo and conditioner that I had zero intention of using…

Tigi Bed Head Totally Beachin

My M&S sale buys!

When it comes to sales, I’m a certified BEAST, and I’m even better when in store at M&S!

Styling with the bejewelled Isme necklace

I decided to drop my first styling post using an amazing Isme necklace I got this week!

Isme Jewelled Collar Necklace, Little mistress sleeveless blouse, Warehouse printed trousers

I have the WORST feet in the world!

My feet get dry and damaged REALLY quickly!

Kneipp Anti-Callus-Salve 50Ml and Kneipp Foot Bath Crystals

How PRETTY am I?

It turns out I really do have amazing eyes.

Marina Nelson iPad illustration by Sally Faye


Louche grows a tache!

Louche Tora Stripe Blouse, Internacionale moustache necklace

This is me.

Marina Pontin's Crocodile club T-shirt

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