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Long Tall Sally Bloggers breakfast

I’ve known of Long Tall Sally since I was a little child, because of my mum but OH MY how much have they changed over the years!!

Well… Well… Well… Topshop

I only really shop their TALL trousers but only in the sale. Here’s a run down of the shizzle I found:

Nail Rock nail wraps, leopard and American flag

eBay buy: Topshop Coat

Random spot that I stalked and manage to blag for cheap cheap cheap!!

Topshop Tall Blue check duffle coat

The evolution of New Look

I can honestly say I used to hate New Look as I always saw it as another Primark, just with more colours.  All of that changed once they started to focus on fashion rather than just cheap fashion.

New Look Oxford Street (Marble Arch)

The high street removes Tall

I recently took an overdue trip to Oxford Street on the lookout for Tall clothing, as my local is high street is limited.  What I found was startling…

Bye... bye...

Model’s height, 5’10…

I’ve recently noticed a new trend with online retailers labelling their trouser descriptions with ‘Model’s height, 5’10‘, instead of the inside leg measurement.

ASOS Screen shot with no leg length information

New Look Tall = SHORT…ish

Oh dear oh dear oh dear… Look at what I stumbled upon today at New Look?

New Look Tall = 35"

Yes, as you can see, New Look have decided to revamp their Tall range and cut an inch off the trouser length.  Oh dear!

I thought it was a one off, but the more I scrolled down, the more I noticed all of the trousers are now labelled 35″…   Strange because I bought the red one’s above a while ago and they’re definitely a 36″ leg.  I even measured them to double check!

This will come as a massive blow to the many Tall chicks out there, especially since New Look have done so well with expanding  the Tall section. Continue reading...

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