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I really want this bag.

I do love my pink backpacks and have quite a collection already but this Michael Kors one is ghetto fabulous!!!

Michael Kors Rhea Zip Pink Backpack

Because it’s polka dots…

I only want this Clinique brush because it’s purple, dotted and bloody cute!!!

Purple Patterned Sonic System Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush

MIU MIU’s back on the glitter hype!

I do love the odd Miu Miu shizzle, especially these new booties!

Miu Miu Glitter-soled suede ankle boots

Shearrrrrrrling booties!!!

I know its spring and it’s time to hang up the winter wardrobe but I really LOVE these fur lined boots!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Shearling and leather wedge ankle boots

MIU MIU creates fashion week bags!

I gotta say I do love a bit of Miu Miu!  Do I have any of their products?  NO.  But I can still dream…

SPOTTED: Swarovski headphones

On a casual stroll down Great Marlborough Street, I passed the oh so glitzy Swarovski shop and saw these bad boys!

Swarovski Crystallized headphones

I’d like to thank anyone in advance for blingin’ me out with these this Chrimbo…

Me love

I want, I Want, I WANT!

It’s not summer and I’m not even heading to the Caribbean this winter, but OMG I want this bikini top sooo bad!

River Island Leopard print bikini

*Wish list* PB pink purse

I spotted a girl in River Island with this and immediately fell in love.  I had no idea what brand it was, so once I got home I searched  ‘shiny pink purse’ and scrolled through images until I found out it was a Paul’s Boutique BEAUTY!

Paul's Boutique Lizzie purse

*Wish list* Hunter Regent Hurlingham boots

Forget using these beauties at a festival.  These are simply fashion boots!   Clearly for nothing more than a heavy downpour.  No mud or horse muck in sight!

Hunter Regent Hurlingham boots

Just look at the shiny gold strap detail down the side, very River Island’esque.

I need these in my life!

Hunter Regent Hurlingham strap detail

Hunter, Regent Hurlingham in Verry Berry, £195

Pics: Wellies store

*Wish list* Kaleidoscope Satchel

I spotted this a few months ago and WOW WOW WOW! It’s sooo me! It’s bright, graphic, colourful and childish! It would brighten up any day!

Zatchel Kaleidoscope Satchel

Zatchels, Kaleidoscope Leather Satchel, from £97

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