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Christmas gift of the day: Poppin’ bottles at New Look!

This is Champagne bottle clutch from New Look is sooooo sooooo COOL!

New Look Champagne Bottle Clutch

Christmas gift of the day: The Michael Kors exclusive

I STILL want a Michael Kors Selma bag in pink, but I might get one of these colourful mini’s from House of Fraser!

I’ll take one of each please…

I must be the only one that didn’t know Lulu Guinness shizzle is on QVC.

House of Fraser gives me THERAPY!

To coincide with the House of Fraser £20 recognition reward weekend last week and the present buying for my mums upcoming birthday, I nabbed this bag I’ve had my eye on since the SS14 press day!
House of Fraser Therapy Camilla Crossbody Satchel Bag

My £50 Ralph Lauren bag!

Yeah, so House of Fraser really do have the best designer bargains!

Ralph Lauren black leather bag

4 Nights in Ibiza… Via TK Maxx

Yeah so who has their holiday wardrobe sorted?  We of course you don’t as I haven’t shown you what I found in TK Maxx for the perfectly stylish summer holiday!
TK Maxx Summer Suitcase: Ibiza Wardrobe

So my cousin got married!

And this was my frockage!
Spring wedding outfit, Topshop, Zara and Miss Selfrisge

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