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Say Yes to™ Coconut this summer!

Why not say Yes to™ Coconut this summer?
Enter the new skincare family from natural skincare brand Yes to!

Yes to natural skincare

The not-so-good Scholl foot spa

Remember when Scholl was the be-all-and-end-all of foot care?  What happened?

Scholl pink pedicure foot spa

Hello Topshop booties!

I bought these black leather shoots from Topshop AGES ago, but still yet to wear them!

Topshop ARK Double Zip Ankle Boots

My new Topshop boots are THE ONE!

I was in town last Thursday just browsing not ready to go home and BAM size 9 Topshop booties!!

Topshop Amalia brown brogue boots

1 day until Mother’s Day: No7

With just one day to go where everyone will be manically shopping for that perfect item, what better gift than an indulgent No7  gift set?

No7 Boots Indulgent Bathing Gift Set

6 days until Mother’s Day: Revlon

Revlon is that well known cosmetic label that your mum shall know v.v. well!

They’ve just launched a new luxury looking nail paint that features a choice of 20 colours and three scents!

Revlon Parfumerie nail lacquer

Clarks does me PROUD!

I finally got round to buying my first pair of shoes from Clarks!

Clarks Nice Melody black ankle boots

Today’s size 9 shoes: The River Island Blogger

My mum call these River Island beauties ‘blogger shoes’ as apparently all of her ‘Youtubers wear them’ yawn

River Island cutout boots

Today’s shoes: The Topshop Ark

These take over 30 minutes to get on!
Topshop ARK tan leather clog boots

My boyfriend is called Andre.

I wanted these ever since they came out in 2011 but only small sizes made the sale, so I had to pay a bit more than I wanted to on eBay, but at least I got them brand new!

Topshop Andre black boots

“Nice old school TV in the background love!”

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